Skills and Drills

2015 Coached Spring League Topics with Handouts
Weeks 1-2
Itinerary for Beginner Players: Week1_Beginner
Itinerary for Intermediate Players: Week1_Intermediate

Weeks 3-4
Itinerary for Beginner Players: Week3_Beginner
Itinerary for Intermediate Players: Week3_Intermediate

2012 Skills Clinic Topics with Handouts

“Getting Open Downfield”
Getting Open Downfield Clinic Agenda
Instructors: Courtney Kiesow (Heist), Rachael Westgate (Heist, Jenny Gaynor (Heist) Description: You will learn how to set up your cuts to effectively get open and help your offense succeed in moving the disc

“Throwing Fundamentals”
Throwing Fundamentals Clinic Agenda

Instructors: Robyn Fennig (Heist) and Chelsea Twohig (Heist)
Description: By mastering your throws, you can become the player your teammates look to on offense to make the plays. We will cover the basics and get into some more advanced throws and techniques to develop your throwing arsenal.

“8th Woman: Effective Sideline Play”
8th Woman Handout

Instructors: Mikaela Hagen (Sting), Amy Donahue (Sting), and Casey Hagen (Sting)
Description: We will challenge you to think about the game critically and understand the impact that players can have even if they are off the field. We will teach you how to develop great teammates and teach the game to others!

“Attacking the Disc in the Air”
Attacking the Disc in the Air Clinic Agenda

Instructors: Robyn Fennig (Heist) and Georgia Bosscher (Heist)
Description: Attacking the disc in the air is a valuable skill as a receiver. By learning how to establish positioning and master proper footwork, we will help you become more confident in the air.

“Endzone Defense”
Endzone Defense Clinic Agenda

Instructors: Robyn Fennig (Heist), Biz Cook (Heist), and Anna Williams (Heist)
Description: Being a solid shut-down defender in the endzone can easily elevate your game. Learn how to gain the advantage as a defender in the endzone!.


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