BOOM! Vault’s Open: CHC Champs!

Heist takes home the title at Chicago Heavyweights going 6-0 on the weekend against some great in and out-of-region teams. On Saturday, we won pool A by taking down Hot Metal (15-6), Pop (11-3) and Nemesis (10-8). By winning our pool, we secured a bye into the quarter finals on Sunday, and got to watch our good friends on Madison Club take on Machine in the Open division showcase game and CLX take on Mesteno in the Mixed division showcase game.

Erin Newman works her mark. Photo by Anna Shandeling

On Sunday, we set the tone with a 15-3 win over RevoLOUtion in the rainy weather. As the rain intensified during our semis match-up with Nemesis, we remained collected and intense, dictating the pace of the game. It was one of our favorite games of the weekend–physical, intense, and spirited. We came out on top 15-9, heading into the finals with momentum. Squaring off against Bent, we were able to open with two consecutive breaks and maintain a lead throughout the game, overcoming the New York squad 11-5.

Langland lays out. Photo by Mark Olsen. Check out the rest of his pictures at:

We have a weekend off, and will pick it up again with a practice weekend on September 8-9 in Madison before heading north for the Northwoods Sectional Tournament in Maple Plain, MN.

Hoistad advances the disc. Photo by Mark Olsen. Check out the rest of his pictures at:


Heist Heads to Heavyweights

Heist is prepping for its final regular season tournament of the 2012 season in Loves Park, Illinois hosted by Without Limits. Heavyweights boasts 32 Open teams, 15 Women’s teams, and 28 Mixed teams, including fellow Wisconsin teams Madison Club (Open), Mad Men (Open), Old Style (Open), Sting (Women’s), NOISE (Mixed), Mad Udderburn (Mixed), Milwaukee’s Beast (Mixed), among others.

After performing as expected at Cooler Classic, Heist is ready to rejoin as one team to show that we are for real. Heist, currently ranked 4th overall in the latest USA Ultimate Club rankings has the opportunity to prove it stands against some top-notch out of region competition. In pool play, Heist will face off against Hot Metal (Pittsburgh, PA), Pop (Minneapolis, MN), and Nemesis (Chicago, IL). All three teams are vying to improve their RRI and set themselves up for the post-season.

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Oh yeah….did we mention that we’ll be sporting our new jerseys?

Heist Takes Home the Cheesecow!

Heist-Y bested Heist-X in pool play on Saturday, but Heist-X came out on top to secure the cheesecow over Heist-Y in finals. The weekend gave us a great opportunity to get a ton of reps and develop chemistry as we move forward in the regular season.

Next weekend, we head to Heavyweights in Rockford to take on some great out-of-region competition. We look forward to seeing Nemesis, Hot Metal and Pop in pool play on Saturday.

Oh yeah, our roster is finalized. We are excited to announce the additions of Becky LeDonne, Sydney Dobkin, and Yana Shkel to our lineup.

Cooler Classic XXIV Preview

Heist is splitting X/Y and adding some fresh faces to our line-up for Cooler Classic 24 in Delafield, WI. We will be facing off against some regional competition and getting a lot of reps against some new competition.

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Heist-X (Bonnie)
Andrea Uhl
Becca Ludford
Corrine Wade
Courtney Kiesow
Emily Jenkins
Emily Langland
Erin Newman
Jen Nowak
Jenny Gaynor
Liz Arakaki
Robyn Fennig
Rose Glinka
Sydney Dobkin
Yana Shkel

Heist-Y (Clyde)
Adrienne Wells
Becky LeDonne
Biz Cook
Chelsea Twohig
Georgia Bosscher
Kelli Parsons
Kelsey Johnson
Kimmy Chapman
Lindsey Gapstur
Molly Somers
Rachael Westgate
Rebecca Enders
Sara Scott
Sarah Hoistad

Colorado Cup Recap

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Colorado Cup was the perfect way for Heist to set the tone for our inaugural season. Overall we could not have asked for more from our team in terms of intensity on and off the field, and putting into place all the skills and strategy we have been working on for weeks. We saw a much cleaner performance than showed in our scrimmage against Pop just one week earlier. We also showed incredible depth and conditioning…we played an incredibly fast-paced game despite being in the altitude.

Saturday Pool Play
Game 1 vs. Midwest RevoLOUtion
Heist came out strong against a young Rev team, captained by Kansas standout Christy Cheung and WashU Alum Kate “Deuce” Wilson. Rev handlers took advantage of lax defensive intensity, swinging the disc nearly at will. Heist struggled to pick up the intensity; however, we were able capitalize on nearly all of the Rev turnovers (whether we generated or they were unforced). Offensively, we were very clean and began to really establish chemistry on and off the field. Result: Heist over RevoLOUtion, 13-4.

Game 2 vs. Molly Brown
Knowing that we needed to improve over our great start in the morning, we came out all cylinders firing. Our defensive intensity and ability to convert on O earned three breaks. After being up 4-1, Molly Brown fought tooth and nail to get back into the game, cleaning up offensively. With some adjustments, Heist maintained poise carrying the momentum into halftime, taking half 7-6 over the home team. Out of half, we were able to connect quickly, with numerous Georgia hucks to open downfield receivers. Rachael and Biz were consistently open whenever we needed them to be. Marks were broken left and right. After getting some more breaks, we closed out the game with a huge W over a quarter-finalist from 2011. Result: Heist over Molly Brown, 13-11.

Game 3 vs. Schwa
Heist continued to carry the momentum into the next round vs. Portland’s Schwa. After trading to open the game, Heist pulled away with defensive intensity and clean O. Langland had a walk-off hammer to Courtney in the endzone, and stalled a Schwa player on her next point played. Standout effort from our Nebraska all-star. Heist gets another win. Result: Heist over Schwa, 13-4.

Game 4 vs. Viva!
Viva! (L.A). came off of a bye, looking strong. Viva’s offense really relied on putting deep looks to space. Their intensity caught the tired Midwesterners off guard. Heist pulled away with the game, with good, chilly O, and generated turns on D. Result: Heist over Viva, 13-7.

Sunday Bracket Play
Quarter-Finals vs. Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon beat Viva in pre-quarters, and we knew we had to come out strong right away to dictate the pace of the game. We were able to take advantage of deep pulls on D to pressure their O immediately. Heist went up 5-0 before Jack Wagon was able to answer. Making plays on both sides of the disc, we looked clean, crisp and intense (just like our cheers). We cruised to a big win to take us into semis. Result: Heist over Jack Wagon, 13-4.

Semi-Finals vs. Schwa
Scwha had a huge momentum run out of half in their quarter-final game vs. Underground. They scored 3 straight breaks out of half to put the game away, and came out all-cylinders firing against us. We were able to go up early, with our O looking powerful. As we opened the deep game, we had a few points with more turns than we were used to, but overall fairly clean. Schwa made some adjustments and scored a couple of breaks in the second half; however, we were able to put the game away by converting on turns generated from some high-intensity defensive plays. Heist over Schwa, 13-7.

Finals vs. Molly Brown
Well, not a whole lot to say, other than lightning cancelled the finals. We caught our flights and returned home as the only undefeated team still left in the competition. We really wanted to face Molly Brown again, but it will have to wait for another time.