Cooler Classic XXIV Preview

Heist is splitting X/Y and adding some fresh faces to our line-up for Cooler Classic 24 in Delafield, WI. We will be facing off against some regional competition and getting a lot of reps against some new competition.

Links of Interest:
Cooler Classic 24 Website
Cooler Classic 24 Teams
-USAU Score Reporter 

Heist-X (Bonnie)
Andrea Uhl
Becca Ludford
Corrine Wade
Courtney Kiesow
Emily Jenkins
Emily Langland
Erin Newman
Jen Nowak
Jenny Gaynor
Liz Arakaki
Robyn Fennig
Rose Glinka
Sydney Dobkin
Yana Shkel

Heist-Y (Clyde)
Adrienne Wells
Becky LeDonne
Biz Cook
Chelsea Twohig
Georgia Bosscher
Kelli Parsons
Kelsey Johnson
Kimmy Chapman
Lindsey Gapstur
Molly Somers
Rachael Westgate
Rebecca Enders
Sara Scott
Sarah Hoistad


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