Northwest Plains Sectional Champs!

Heist went 4-0 on the weekend to secure the title of Northwest Plains Sectional Champions in Maple Plain, Minnesota.

As the overall-one seed at the tournament, we secured a first round bye, getting the opportunity to sleep in a bit after the long haul to the Northwoods. In our first game against Wolfpack, the pack challenged us with a solid deep game fueled by Sarah Solarz’s precise, powerful hucks. After a few points, Heist took over the game and never look back, winning 13-4.

The next two matchups were against teams working on developing skills in their respective locations. Minnesota-Duluth’s college team LakEffect looks like they are on their way to a solid performance in the college season. Their handlers looked confident and poised as they found some holes in our zone. However, we were able to capitalize on lack of experience (it was only their first tournament of the season) and score on every point. We look forward to seeing how their team develops over the course of the season and hope they make noise come spring!

The wind picked up for our game against Sting. Mikaela Hagen and Brittney Kokinos have shown huge signs of improvement over the season and have become huge offensive contributors to the team. Alyssa Justesen had some great diving grabs to keep the Sting-O alive, really coming into her own as a handler. Sting was missing some key players for their team, and will look much stronger at Regionals when they add the prowess of Sarah Schramm to their lineup.

Our final matchup of the game against Pop was a windy battle for the one-seed at regionals. Pop put together a good, physical game. Heist ruled the first half, after trading during the first few points, taking half decisively. Pop went on a run two points out of half. At 10-8, Heist regained poise and finished the game hard, winning 13-8.

We look forward to making the exact same drive in two weeks up north, and can’t wait to compete for a bid to Sarasota!