Heist Places 4th at Terminus! Breaks Seed by 3 Spots!

Throughout the weekend, our focus was threefold:
1) Improving together, both on and off of the field
2) Implementing our plays/systems
3) Having fun and developing chemistry.

Overall, Heist accomplished all three goals, laying a solid foundation from which to build from throughout the 2013 Club Season.

Heist at Terminus 2013

Heist at Terminus 2013

In our games, we looked to switch up our offensive looks, call effective plays, and find our match-ups to isolate in 1v1 situations. I was quite impressed with our offense’s ability to remain flexible, try new things, and react to what our opponents did on defense. Our team’s depth in disc skills is much improved, as well as confidence in executing looks with the disc in our hands. I generally think that we do not try to do too much on O, and hope that continues to keep happening as the season moves on. Our mistakes are fixable–they were the communication and execution mistakes one expects at the beginning of a season, rather than inability to implement our plays. Decision making was pretty spot on, even when execution was not.

Defensively, Heist has a long way to go, which makes me excited, and keeps us working toward something. We tried to mix up looks and improved substantially as a team when it came to defensive mindset and abilities. There were points that looked great, and points that…well, didn’t. One thing I was incredibly impressed with as a captain, was our D-line ability to convert on O. This especially showed in the Traffic and Capitals games; in both games, our D-line stepped up and got the job done.

I believe we finished the weekend +7 overall. We won some close games, and were challenged physically and mentally in every single game we played.  Heist 2k13 is a new, hungry team, and our ceiling is high.

We are looking forward to Colorado Cup!

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Photos from Ultiphotos (Heist featured in “Saturday Highlights”)

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