Heist Tryouts 2015, What We’re Looking for Part 2: Defensive Skills

Part 1 was all about offense, but we all know that Defense Wins Championships. In Part 2 of “What We’re Looking For,” we break down what defense means to us for the upcoming season:

1) Communication
Nationals_DQT_20141017_11-22_0197-(ZF-9907-47779-1-035)[1]We want to see teammates who don’t simply work well in isolation, but can work with others to foster team defensive success. A huge component that is easier for us to measure is how well you communicate with others on D. Communicate with the mark when you’re on the sidelines: should your teammate take away the around or the inside? Can you help her make adjustments that increase pressure? Communicate with your teammates when the disc is in the air; a simple “up” call is often enough to help someone make a quick adjustment downfield. On occasion, we all need to ask for help from our teammates when a superior opponent beats us deep or up the line…communicating that allows teammates to help you get back in position or make a switch that keeps our overall defensive pressure high.

2) Positioning and Footwork
Nationals_DQT_20141017_11-24_0205-(ZF-9907-47779-1-029)[1]Okay, this is a fairly broad statement to catch all of the fundamentals. We really do place an emphasis on athletic movement and fundamental defensive footwork to dictate where your opponent can go and to create pressure. We want to see chopping steps and minimizing the time and number of steps you take to change directions…show us efficient movement. Be assertive and physical.

3) IntensityNationals_DQT_20141017_12-42-(ZF-9907-47779-1-013)[1]
We want teammates who will be intense and focused during practices, workouts, and games to fuel our team’s success. We want you to be focused and intense even when people aren’t watching. Intense D in practice translates to intense D and better offense in games!


Heist Tryouts 2015, What We’re Looking For Part 1: Offensive Skills

We have been lucky in building our team for three season in finding fantastic players and teammates. Lots of teams are posting tips about tryouts, we thought we’d weigh in on specific things that Heist looks for in the women who come to tryouts. In Part 1 of “Heist Tryouts 2015: What We’re Looking For” we explore offensive skills:

Offensive Skills:

Lo takes advantage of huge spaces on O vs the Capitals at the 2014 Club Championships. Photo by Ultiphotos.

Photo by Ultiphotos from the 2015 Club Championships.

1) Consistent ability to create space for yourself and others
We are looking for fearless teammates who are selfless on offense. We want to see you move and look to create opportunities for yourself and for others. You need to clear effectively and work with everyone on the field; give everyone a chance to contribute!

Photo by Ultiphotos from the 2015 Club Championships.

Photo by Ultiphotos from the 2015 Club Championships.

2) Using lateral space to create offensive opportunities
Our offense relies on lateral spacing to open up vertical, downfield opportunities. Big gains come after swings! Be confident and look to break the mark and swing the disc. We like to swing the disc early and often!

Photo by Ultiphotos from the 2015 Club Championships.

Photo by Ultiphotos from the 2015 Club Championships.

3) Poised and confident with the disc
Understand your throwing abilities and how to use them successfully. Look comfortable with the disc in your hands; be ready to contribute and move the disc quickly.

Look for more posts about what you can do to shine at tryouts!

We hope to see you soon!