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Competitive Madison-based Midwest women's club ultimate team.

Heist 2017 Tryouts – SIGN UP HERE

If you are interested playing with Heist in the 2017 season please fill out our google form!



Heist takes 2nd at Pan-American Ultimate Championships (PAUC) 2015!


In case you didn’t hear, we took the PAUC 2015 by storm! We took 2nd place in the competition and won the Spirit of the Game award! We had an incredible time!

Pool Play (5-0 Pool A)
W 15-3 vs. Warriors (Colombia)
W 15-4 vs. La Pola (Colombia)
W 15-2 vs. Pantera Rosa (Dominican Republic)
W 15-4 vs. Cheetaras (Mexico)
W 15-5 vs. Terra (Canada)

Championship Bracket (2-1, 2nd Place)
W 17-5 vs. Malafama (Mexico)
W vs. Atlantiques (USA)
L vs. Revolution (Colombia)

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2016 Captains Announced!

We are excited to announce our three co-captains for the upcoming 2016 Club Season:

#3 Liza Minor (Cutter)
Seasons on Heist: 2014, 2015
College: University of Iowa Saucy Nancy
WCBU World Champion (Team USA,Women’s Division), 2013, 2014
1st team All-Region (North Central) 2014

#4 Robyn Wiseman (Handler)
Seasons on Heist: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
College: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire SOL, University of Iowa Saucy Nancy
WUCC World Champion (Drag’n Thrust, Mixed Division) 2014
Callahan Award Runner Up (2011)
1st team All-Region (Central/North Central) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

#5 Rose Glinka (Cutter)
Seasons on Heist: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
College: Case Western Reserve Fightin’ Gobies
Best Muscles on the Team (2012 to present)