2013 Roster

CaptainsWe are excited to announce our 2013 roster, full of talent, athleticism and heart.
Amelia “Forty” Cuarenta
Arthi Padmanabhan
Becky LeDonne
Biz Cook
Corinne McKittrick (Co-Captain)
Emily “Thrill Show” Jenkins
Emily Langland
Erin Newman
Georgia Bosscher (Co-Captain)
Jenny Gaynor
Julie Chen
Kayla Emrick
Kelly Wiese
Laurel Schmidt
Lauren Perucco
Maria “Mah” Mahowald
Maria “Ria” Signore
Rachael Westgate
Rebecca “Reebs” Enders
Robyn Wiseman (Co-Captain)
Rose Glinka
Sara Scott
Sarah Hoistad
Sydney Dobkin

Practice Players:
Jasmine “Jazz” Draper
Brittney Kokinos

Heist at Terminus 2013

Heist at Terminus 2013


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